What to expect

What to expect

Despite its cosmopolitan vocation, Milan has still a very strong Italian character. Lifestyle Milan is dominated by the traditional Italian way of living with a touch of internationality. Despite the presence of expats in Milan, you should expect to predominantly be in the presence of Italian people.

The mid-morning coffee ritual at one of the myriad of cafes where you can quickly enjoy an espresso or a cappuccino at the counter; the cigarette break (yes, smoking is still widespread and not socially condemned) and the evening after work aperitivo are part of the daily routine. On Sundays you will see dressed up families going to mass followed by traditional Sunday lunch.

Fashion a key element to the Milanese lifestyle and people seem to do everything in style. You won’t happen to run into people walking their dogs first thing in the morning in their PJs they are always very put together no matter the occasion.

The city has a reputation of being incredibly work oriented but the work-life balance remains favourable compared to other fast-paced cities like New York or Hong Kong: this is Italy after all and Italians are masters at enjoying life!

people drinking at a rooftop bar overlooking the porta nuova skyscrapers
Enjoying an aperitivo on a rooftop bar
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